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Photos 2011-2012

2011 - 2012

  • 2011_09_13 Toddlers

    2011_09_13 Toddlers
    (16 images)
    Our new Toddlers class are having lots of fun singing, bouncing on the trampoline, playing with play-doh and water, make believe, getting to know the guinea-pigs and so much more!

  • 2011_09_28 Literacy Day

    2011_09_28 Literacy Day
    (29 images)
    Literacy Day was a celebration of stories, words and books! Together with parents, siblings and friends, we listened to stories, watched and acted out plays, dressed up as story characters and created our very own books!

  • 2011_10_05 Nursery 5 senses walk

    2011_10_05 Nursery 5 senses walk
    (5 images)
    Nursery went on a walk to explore their 5 senses! They saw Burka hill, acacia trees, birds, coffee, cattle, goats, sheep, termites, thorns and they listened, touched and smelled things around them. At Trude's house they also prepared and tasted different foods for snack. Yum!

  • 2011_10_12 EY presentation

    2011_10_12 EY presentation
    (16 images)
    Parents, siblings and the Nursery class gathered to watch the Early Years class perform music and a sketch "Oh no, we forgot the sugar!"  to illustrate their topic of shopping.

  • 2011_10_12 Nursery presentation and threading activity

    2011_10_12 Nursery presentation and threading activity
    (10 images)
    Nursery practiced threading beads and pictures before entertaining us with songs and helping us to explore our 5 senses through seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching various objects.

  • 2011_10_07 EY shopping trip

    2011_10_07 EY shopping trip
    (20 images)
    The Early Years class went on a trip to several types of shop to explore different foods for sale, packaged and unpackaged, prices etc.

  • 2011_11_10 Sports Day

    2011_11_10 Sports Day
    (44 images)
    Teachers, children and their families came together for a wonderful morning of games and sports. The emphasis was on trying your best, supporting each other and having fun!

  • 2011_11_17 Nursery Snake Park Trip

    2011_11_17 Nursery Snake Park Trip
    (56 images)

    Nursery had an exciting trip to the Snake Park at Messerani. We learnt about different snakes and also crocodiles, monitor lizards and other reptiles. There were some birds of prey recuperating there too. We even held a snake and rode camels!

  • 2011_11_29 EY snake park

    2011_11_29 EY snake park
    (23 images)

    On 29 November the Early Years class went on an exciting trip to the snake park!


  • 2011_12_08 Christmas

    2011_12_08 Christmas
    (24 images)
    On the last day of term, all classes put on performances for their parents and the rest of the school. We also had delicious food and and Father Christmas visited us with presents for all the children!

  • 2012_01_26 Nursery topics

    2012_01_26 Nursery topics
    (8 images)
    Nursery have been learning about colours, numbers, shapes and letters. Cutting, glueing,colouring and glitter make it so much fun!

  • 2012_01_26 EY body topic

    2012_01_26 EY body topic
    (7 images)
    Early Years are learning about their bodies, from hearts pumping blood down to the tiny cells that every part is made of.

  • 2012_02_16 Sports Day

    2012_02_16 Sports Day
    (67 images)
    On 16th February, the Early Years class, Nursery, family and friends gathered for a wonderful morning of games, races, fun and food.

  • 2012_02_09 Nursery Airport trip

    2012_02_09 Nursery Airport trip
    (42 images)
    As part of their topic on transport, the Nursery class visited Arusha Aiport. We climbed inside a plane and also the enormouse fire engine!

  • 2012_03_01 Nursery Farm Trip

    2012_03_01 Nursery Farm Trip
    (30 images)
    Nursery have been learning about different vehicles this term, so we went to Manfred's farm to try out the tractor and combine harvester. Everyone had a go! We also played with baby tortoises in the garden and bounced on the trampoline.

  • 2012_03_21 EY topic presentation

    2012_03_21 EY topic presentation
    (30 images)

    The Early Years and Nursery classes presented the findings of this term's topics in a special assembly. Early Years have studied their 'Wonderful Bodies' and Nursery have learnt about 'Transport'.

  • 2012_03-29 Easter Craft

    2012_03-29 Easter Craft
    (32 images)
    Our Easter craft day saw us painting eggs, making baskets to keep them in, sewing and sticking and making our own Easter bunny ears!  

  • 2012_05_09 maths day

    2012_05_09 maths day
    (7 images)
    During our special 'maths day' we took part in fun games and activities that were math related, involving counting, pattern making and card and dice games.

  • 2012_05 EY book day

    2012_05 EY book day
    (8 images)
    On World Book Day the Early Years class dressed up as characters from books and went to Braeburn school to join in with their book day activities.

  • 2012_06 EY tribal visitors

    2012_06 EY tribal visitors
    (28 images)
    The Early Years class has welcomed a series of visitors recently who have helped them learn about different tribes and cultures.

  • 2012_05 Toddlers

    2012_05 Toddlers
    (21 images)
    Our Toddler group have been having lots of fun this year. From August 2012 Toddler group will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week.

  • 2012_05 Nursery

    2012_05 Nursery
    (8 images)
    Various Nursery activities.

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